Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Big Colourful BANG! and the Yellow M

When I was growing up we saw fireworks once a year. That one time every year was beautiful and magic. These days fireworks are used to celebrate or highlight many events. They have not lost their beauty or magic for me though.

Our great little town has recently been the beneficiary of a new McDonald's. Previous to this we had to drive a further 15 minutes down the road for a Big Mac or Happy Meal. Our town has seen steady growth over the last few years with more shops and housing subdivisions. I like change as long as it is productive and in a forward direction.

image source
With the opening of McDonald's our town was treated to a party. Crowds gathered for appearance of Ronald McDonald and his friends, SEA FM was on hand with giveaways, and a great country band was very entertaining. The finale at 9pm was the draw card for me.

Our small group gathered at a great vantage point and waited until the sky darkened. Admittedly it was reasonably past 9pm, as advertised, but what good are fireworks unless it is dark? The display was nothing short of spectacular, and drew the oohs and aahs it deserved. The child within me was grinning from ear to ear.

Here are some of my less professional photos.